Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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he is blue
he has yellow arms and green legs
he has  square eyes blue ears and yellow teeth and he can play soccer

Very good yuo are a good student

Hi wish you good luck QueenActressMagic!
My monster is in red n remember my monster is not HE butSHE 
He have red leg and blue arms oh my god she is so pretty , her most of her body parts are red but only her hands and what she can do is a secret if MISS LUCKY MOUSE wants to write a comment then and i will tell you !HAHA:>


Ok, tell us what your monster can do??? But if you tell us, it won't be a secret any more! ;)

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

She can change papers into money and stones into coins she some like is a magician! cool!!:x

 Its very , very  angry and funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi my monster is yellow , pointy eyes , red nose, red mouth and funny arms and legs

When the monster dances, the eyes rotate, there are small hearts from the lips and he moves legs and arms. 

This game is interesting. Iliked it.

i like it very very much and it is funny

My monster is very fun and is blue!