Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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  •  my monster is purple all over.
  • he has pink and yellow eyes
  • he has big purple ears 
  • and a big purple nose.
  • he has pointy teeth
  • and yellow arms
  • and big clompy legs

My  monster is blue....only blue

 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i love this game ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

My monster is orange, has green ears, red eyes, yellow teeth and arms and red legs. And he SING'S !!

  • My monster has long,red eyes.
  • My monster  has a purple body.
  • My monster has a blue nose.
  • My monster has some green arms.
  • My monster has orange legs!


My monster is cool

 My monster is purple. He have an blue arms and red legs. His eyes are orange and yellow, his mouth are big and red and his nose is yellow. He can sing and dance.

my monster has a blue body, his hands are blue and his feet is orange, and he can DANCE!

My monster has green skin, green eyes, green eirs, green hands and green legs, too. It really make me scared now! hi hi