Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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My monster is: Is purple!!Cool!!

It is awsome

i like it

My monster acts like my pet.

 Very funny!I loved when he started to sing!

my monster is of colour violet
he armsis of colour blu and legs of colour green
he eyes is  talks and reds, is ears big and blu, is moulth is happy
my monster can dance and sing

My monster look funny and orange.

My monster is: Red.

my monster is yellow .
he has green arms and fantastic orange legs.
monster has go two long red eyes. his ears are
big and green. he has mouse with big yellow 
my monster can sing and...BLOWUP!!
I like my monster! :-)

my monster is orange .
it has two red eyes. it is big.
it has a yellow nose  and two pink ears.
it has two big green legs.
it has two beautiful yellow hands.