Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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My monster  has name is Crazy
He has red and yellow eyes, yellow teeth, purple nose, green legs, blue ears, blue arms

cool look i  bet it looked lovely!!!!!! and you look cool

Hello dear

 Name: Gump

Colour: Red
Nose: Red
Eyes: Orange
Mouth: White Fangs
Ears: Green
Arms: Yellow
Feet: Blue

it is bad

My    monster   is  called  Molly   .
she   can   dance  and  sing.
she's got a  red  mouth, green skin ,yellow eyes, green ears ,blue arms and green feet.

  • The name of my monster is red
  • He is very cute
  • He can sing
  • He can dance

My monster is very cool . her name is le le. 
her eyes is very small .her eear is like bat.

Hello there!!!!!

  • My monster is purple.
  • It has red arms and green legs.
  • It has big eyes,purple ears and yellow nose.
  • It can sing,dance and of course it can scare people.

Maybe it will come out and scare you!!! 
Be careful guys!!!!!!!

My monster is: Is purple!!Cool!!