Make a dangerous animal with this game. Choose a colour and then decide on the body parts to make your creature really scary!

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2 of my animal is
Slender pet
Slender pet2

 Mine has a horn,antlers, tentacles, pincers and a tail with a sting.

My animal has a horn, antlers, strong jaws, pincers, spikes, a stinger, and poisonous tentacles.

I made 2 more again.
One is called a Maroasaurus.
It eats meat and it has pincers.
It also has antlers to defend itself.
Now is the second one called a Hexiconasaurus.
It eats plants and it is a cousin of the Maroasaurus,the Dangerosaurus
and the Demisaurus. It has a horn and antlers to defent it from predators.
It kills humans and animals.(except  other dinosaurs and its cousins.)
It defends its cousins and other dinosaurs from predators an humans.

I made 2 dinosaurs.
One is named a Dangerosaurus and it
eats plants and meat.It is scary and it
also can fly.It can even stretch out it's tentacles
and it lives near forest's.
My second dinosaur is named Demisaurus.
It has night vision and it eats plants and meat,too.
It also has tentacles and it grabs anything it finds and
eats it.(but it doesn't grab or eat anything it doesn't
eat) And it also has antlers to destroy anything big
that blocks it's way.
send me a question if you need help

My dangerous animals\ name is kraden XD and it live on mars it has sharp claws and venomous tentacle it even has night vision and heat seeking eye

My animal has all the things execept a sharp beak.Its red in colour.My animals name is Snacradinosaur.           


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