Make a dangerous animal with this game. Choose a colour and then decide on the body parts to make your creature really scary!

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Fine its super game!!

 Like crazy ant
make me scare

The dangerous animal is called Red_monster. It is very scary and strange. he is at the same time a bird, a deer and a dragon. Make sure you won't meet in the road one evening.

It looks like a bird and a scorpion.  It's very scary and its name is SCORPIBIRDIE. It lives up in the mountains. It eats people that hike the mountains.

It's very creative but i think that there are few possibilities to choose to make own monster or animal.

  • It look like a Monster .
  • Very scary ... !
  • Snow Monster
  • It `s live at Neptune, the eight planet after the sun.
  • It eat everything .

it looks like a mixture of a monster and a bird.
it is very scary.
it's name is stupid.
it is live in mercury.
it is searching for food


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