Make a dangerous animal with this game. Choose a colour and then decide on the body parts to make your creature really scary!

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online

Average: 3.9 (1345 votes)


my animal name is Dinofly

the name of my  dangerous animal is Toothless

rawb! goes my animal.

rawb! goes my animal.

I don' t like this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Do you like the story maker??? Yes I like.
I have written three stories. ;-)

I like the game my dragon is really friendly..  to nice people


My one is white and it has a horn,antlers,spikes,a tail with a spike and tentacles.It's name is Cloudia and be careful because it might  do everything that is has on it to your animal and it is a bit dangerous but friendly,shy,powerful and calm.Here are some tips about things on your animal;                                          

  • A horn can cut into skin and bone
  • use antlers to fight with other animals
  • jaws can break bones and sharp teeth can cut skin
  • sharp beacks can cut and break skin
  • spikes can cut into skin and bone
  • the sting at the end of a tail can put poison into another animal's body
  • the spike at the end of a tail can cut into skin and bone
  • sharp claws can cut
  • pincers canb hold animals
  • tentacles have poison

And animal can fly and it can destroy all bad animals by doing those things!