Make your own comic strip and send it to your friends.

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Hi KickingGirlDancer,
I hope you are having fun using the website!

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i'm so confused cuz when i click on comic strip maker it never comes up with it i seriously need help

Hi Miss Pink 9999

How can we help you? When you click on start can you start creating your own comic strip? If you can't then can you try on a different computer and see if it works. Your computer might not have flash.

Princess Pixie Pea
LearnEnglish Kids team


hi iam just became a members and my name is hazel

i have just became a member and i don't know how to get on to the comic strip maker thingy

 is good and funny for our brain... ^o^

 i dont like it very much!

that was very fun why you don't like it