Bookworm is really hungry and has to eat some letters! Listen to the words and choose the right letters for the bookworm. 

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Sometimes people who like reading are called bookworms. Are you a bookworm?

What do you like reading? (Books, comics, Internet resources?)

Where is your favourite place to read?

Are you a member of a library?

Average: 3.9 (1011 votes)


 my score is 1020.

My score is 820.This game is so fun!!!!!

i liked the game, but it was very difficult to get to the letter

 This game is hard because we can't really reach the letters.                                                      :( :(


Of course it's not a bad game. It's awesome!!!!!

my score is 220

Who scored higher than 610? My Highest: 610!

Hey you pearlrockmusic, I'll beat you another time