Tu fêtes Noël dans ton pays? Qu'est-ce que tu fais le jour de Noël? Que manges-tu au déjeuner? Tu offres des cadeaux à ta famille et tes amis? Quel est le moment des vacances de Noël que tu préfères?

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 Hello everibody !!!!  I'm French !! I have twelve years old ! I have a she dog " Ella" ! She is two years old . She is loving and  very very beautiful ! She is beautiful girl !!!! I have two monkeys ! It's my brothers and my sister !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :p

hello i'm kevin and i have 12 years old

hello kenza,
how are you ??? I'm fine.............

hello shani i am a tall sister and my name is kenza!!!!!!!!

wath's you name

we doesn't celebrate christmas where i live
but i like it so muuuuuuuuchh

mane name is helloheartturtle and you wath's you name.