Tu as un meilleur ami? Il ou elle est comment? Quand et où vous êtes-vous rencontrés? Pourquoi vous entendez-vous si bien? Vous vous disputez parfois? Parle-nous de ton meilleur ami.

Your Turn: Best Friends
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I have mee too a best friend  her name is aya she is in my school and she has 11 eleven years old I love she , the problem is: we aren't in the same classe, we are not lucky !!!

I have tow best frinds.Them name is Margot and Candice.

 I have  tow friends.them name is Ines and Arije. I love my friends very very good

I have a best friend.I love her because she is a funny person she has thirteen years old

 I have a best friend, she is awesome, but sometimes sellfish and angry. I know her for three years. I love her because she is like me, shy but together, we are crazy. She is a really great person and I'm really happy to know her !