Do you know what cyberbullying is? Watch the video to find out what happened to Abbie.


What should you do if you see horrible online posts about someone in your class? Tell us your ideas!

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Bulling people just makes no sense

this is so cool

I would definetly tell someone about it. Maybe my parents/friends/sister/brother - someone I trust. Even if the one who did it is my best friend. It's really mean to bully! In my opinion everyone who did that should be punished.

I will not be friends with the one who post the horrible photos and i will report the teacher about it.

I don`t like bully to people and I don`t like people bully to me.

her friend bully to her

I don't like bulling to people.

Me too! :<

poor Abbie! I'm feel so sad after watch the video