Le garçon dans cette histoire est triste quand il découvre que ses habits préférés ne  lui vont plus. Que va en faire sa mère? Ecoute l'histoire pour le savoir.

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  • What are your favourite clothes?
  • Write about where your favourite clothes are from, or why you like them, for example: "My favourite thing to wear is a T-shirt. It's light blue, and it's got a picture of a whale on it. I like it because we got it on holiday last year when we went on a boat trip to see some whales. We saw a whale while I was wearing it!"
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If I write a story and I give it to British Council, will they do an animation and let it be in the short story ?

Hi MissAngel2000,

I'm sorry, it's not possible for us to make your story into an animation. If you like, you can write a short story for other users to read and post it in the comment box.

You can post it on this page:


Remember that the stories on LearnEnglish Kids are short - please don't write more than 200 words!


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