Le Petit Chaperon Rouge est une petite fille qui vit dans une forêt. Un jour, elle décide de rendre visite à sa grand-mère. Devine qui elle rencontre dans les bois!

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In the story we meet Little Red Riding Hood's Granny. Now, tell us about one or two of your grandparents.

  • What’s their name?
  • What are they like?
  • What do they look like?
  • How often do you see them?
  • Do they live near your house?
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Hi I like this story

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If you click on your username you can then clik on the 'edit' button. There you can change your avatar.

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Princess Pixie Pea

LearnEnglish Kids team

 how can i download this film  please

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At the moment I'm sorry, but you can't download this video. In the future we hope to make more of our content downloadable.
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