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Chocolate ice-cream is delicious! 

I like chocolate and vanila ice-cream very much :-)


vanilla ice-cream is lovely.

I really like chocolate ice cream but I like a little bit more  vanilla.

 i love chocolate ice cream very much... 

I LOVE vanilla ice cream ohhhhh soo GOOD

I love chocolate ice-cream. I'm happy to see everyone is voting on the new poll too!

Don't forget to vote for your favourite ice-cream!

Princess Pixie Pea (website editor)

yummy yummy in my tummy
i love chocolate ice-cream i could eat it all day every day
i love it lots even more than jelly tots and believe me i loveee jelly tots xxx

Hi Pink Music Fashion! 

Thanks for writing. I love chocolate ice-cream too. Jelly Tots are those little fruity sweets, aren't they? Yummy! My mouth is watering! 

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)