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Hmm, y'know I actually do A LOT of things on that poll. I usually do  an after school activity but I most likely go home and do my homework.

  • I go to home


i eat lunch

same to me

  1. i come home and take rest
  2.  I AM A  Pakistani 

 Hi, I'm Veronica, I'm 10 years of age. My answer was 'Something else' because I go to the theatre for my drama lessons so it's kind of like 'Do an after school activity'. I'm really excited because on the 12th of December 2011 me and my friends from Madcap (the theatre I go to for my drama lessons) are going to play Scrooge! It's a really hard and long play because t's 30 pages! But Katie (our teacher) says "Just believe in yourselves! It doesn't matter if you do something wrong! The thing is to have fun! I believe in you guys!" and you think you can't do something, just believe in yourself just like Katie says! Oh, and I know the last sentence wasn't about what you do after school but still...

 I (must) play piano.

Everyday I go home after school,I have a rest,lunch watch Tv or play PS games,I do it during 1.5hours after coming home.and later I step to my lessons.)

I am a malaysian.Who stay at america

I like to play in the park and go home