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Listening To Music.
English Music Is Very Popular! Don't You Agree? I Also Like Reading, Speaking (Duh!), Watching Films.

 Sorry but i don't agree

No, I agree with you. English music is very popular! ; )

 I like Michael Jackson.
Today I will sing Do You Want to Know a Secret by the Beatles
At School I studied Singing in the Rain.

hey guys,
I'm lisa
I'm in los angeles and so I think speak english is better than the others
but I also read books,listening to music,playing card games and playing video games(like tabu or monopoly,nintendo wii,nintendo 3ds) .watching movies
but I don't like writing:))

 I love writing!!

I like writing and playing games.

i like going to the break because i can  play my friends

i like watching films

i like the playing.    i  like  the  playing  in   the  break.