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I write stories.

I like to speak, speak, speak...

I'm from Russia I love to speak and write

I'm reading English books, speaking English, Listen the Engilsh musics. In short I love English Language!

 Hi, my name is Veronica I'm 10 years old and I live in England. I chose 'listening to music' BUT I also read english books, watch english movies, speak english and more! 

Hi Veronica,
I am Victoria, I live in Lithuania,I'm 11.I live in L ITHUANIA but my dream is to live in England  because  I think
it is very cool country.So I choose listening to music too!BUT I like doing different things in English just  like
I think we can be pen-friends, wanna be my friend?
Good luck for you!
Bye!  :)
P.S. Write my soon,please.
P.S.S.P. Do you have a pet? Can you tell me some things about your life?(I tell you about mine)

I Like To Speak English))

i like speakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk english

Hi everyone,
I like listening to music in ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!
English music is very cool,great,brilliant and more...
P.S.Wanna be my friend?

 play games, watch films (movies) and listening music!