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 my mobile phone is so cool. seems to me that you love your mobile phone...


  • this weeks joke is not at alll funny
  • i hate it!!!!
  • it is the baddest joke in the all i read
  • yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

why wouldnt you have one?

No, I don't need one.I think mobile phone is so boring and not cool at all.Why do I need one?What a silly question ! If you have a mobile phone, it isn't help you any thing.What do you do when you have a mobile phone?Call some body and talk talk talk...or sending instant message, BORING!!! When you are all ready enough age, like 17 or 18 and more older, that's the time you can have a mobile phone...


 no i don't like mobile phone. Are boring and i don't need one

i have i-phone 4..............i really love my phone and my parents too coz they gave me a mobile phone to use..........................

i have one i LOVE IT its a bb