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yes, i have a best friend, her name is takia we hang around with each other everyday.

  • yess i have the shirt is white baby's neck, the skirt is green jacket is blue with the logo is very beautiful


I like my clothes and i vote No!!!!
Soorry for the persons whitch vot yes 
But this is my opinion

Yes, I do. My uniform consists of black trausers,white shirt and red vest. I like my uniform and I wear it with pleasure.

Yes....I do wear uniform to school....But i wish to wear home clothes as i think it would be more comfortable.....


I dont have school uniform!    I dont like it!


 it's handy but I don't wear it

yes i do but i would perfer not to  or a least change the couler i do not find it fair that it has to be blue saint.Johns have purple and also have grean :-(

yes!but the uniform must be purple not blue!