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Hello PrincessRed7,
Thanks for your comment. We hope you are having fun practising English with LearnEnglish Kids!
Best wishes,
DuchessMegaWand (LearnEnglish Kids team)

Hi PrincessSwanTornado,
I hope you're having fun learning English!
Best wishes,
DuchessMegaWand (LearnEnglish Kids team)




 hi, Hello PrincessRed7, i think you are a good student, said me

        I think ENGLISH is a wonderful language! 
        I LOVE ENGLISH!!!

Hi Queen Smily Ladybird,How are you?I think I am a good student because my teachers think the same.What about you?Are you a good student?

Hi! My name is Alice Maria and I am 11! I am from Bucharest the capital of Romania! My friends are IOANA, MADALINA, PATRICIA, ANA MARIA,IOANA, MARA, SANDRA, ANA MARIAI!!!

 Hello there! I'm Soha and I am 11.I'm from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan.My hobbies are reading and singing.I just love this website!!!!!!!

 HI,i am Ana and i am from Podgorica,the capital of Montenegro.I  am 12 years old. In my free time i like to dance,listen to  music and reading the books and  magazines.I love this website,because we can learn something new and we can meet another kids from around the world. :)