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 I walk to school with my father or mother.

I Walk With My Mum To Go To School

i walk to europe school with my mother. But to school(normal school), walk alone.

Usually, I walk with my little brother to school because we live quite close to it. I'm in year 6 and my brother's in year 4. ^-^

PrincessBrightLily xx

When i was just the little student study at primary school, i walk to school everyday. But now, i need a bike to go to school.  ^o^ 

i go to school by car!

I travel to school by bus with my little brother, Mati, because we live quite far from school.
He is currently in Year 4, and I'm in Year 6 so I have to be very responsible for him and look after him when we're going to school! We have monthly bus passes so we don't have to pay everyday.
Also, I meet my friend along the way because she takes the same bus!
Veronica xx

I go to school with my driver ... I have a driver...

 I walk to school!!!!