What toys have you got? Practise your reading in English with this text about toys.

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Look at my favourite toys! This is my car. I play with my car in the garden. This is my puzzle. It's got a picture of a cat. I do puzzles with my dad! This is my doll. Her name's Penny!


Look at my favourite toys! This is my ball. I play ball with my sister, Lucy. This is my boat. I play with my boat in the bath. This is my teddy. His name is Ted!



What are your favourite toys? Tell us about them!

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My favorite toy is robot. His name's Doug. It tall, big and so smart. It has a smart system. L play it every time.

My favourite toy are paper dolls. They made me having fun times when I played with my sister. There was many paper dolls and clothes of paper dolls. So, I played by changing clothes and getting dress to make my paper doll beautifully.

My favorite toy is ball, I love it.

i love my plush reindeer and i love my plush unicorn and my plush bear and the other toys :]

Look at my favourite toys!this is my hello kitty cards I play with them when I have spare time.This is my ball, I play football with my family on Sundays. This is my books, I read them whenever I want.My favourite book is called kipper