What things do you take to school? Practise your reading in English with this school note.

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Dear children,

Hello and welcome back! Next week we're starting school again. Please remember to bring everything on this list:

  • one large school bag
  • four school books (English, maths, science and reading)
  • one notebook
  • two pencils
  • one eraser
  • one large box of coloured pencils (for art lessons)
  • one pair of scissors
  • one glue stick
  • one ruler (plastic or wood)
  • one lunch box.

Please write your name on everything. It's important that you don't lose anything.

See you next week!

Mrs Lee


Note: Please don't bring expensive things (like tablets or mobile phones) to school.


What do you need to take to school? What things can't you take to school? Tell us about it!

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I need to take pencil case, pens, books, rulers, notebooks, school bag, bottle of water.
I can't take mobile phone.

I brought the following things to school.
- pencils
- scissors
- school bag
- notebooks
- comb
- bottle of water
and the following things that I cannot bring to school
- money
- tablet
- mobile phone