Read about how to say no to bullying then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


What can schools do to stop bullying? What's the best way to say sorry?

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The most important fact about bullying is what you can do. If someone is mean to you,
tell an adult that you know and like. You can block a person who sends mean messages
online.If someone is mean to you in the school, talk to the teacher that you know well
if you see bullying or if you are worried about a friend. They can tell the children to
report any bullying they see. Say sorry if you are meant someone. You can write a message or talk a person. The best way to say sorry is to talk to someone you have been mean to.

If I find bullying , I have to tell my parent or a teacher .
I want peace . Peace is good thing .

bullying is so harmful?. do you know why? miss internet earth that confuse me is it just shouting or killing someone in many articles they say it is hurting

Hi SportyMoonstone200,

Bullying is not killing. But hurting someone physically, or hurting their feelings again and again is bullying.

I hope that helps.


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It's ok if we want to stand up and face the bully. I had been in the sisuation like cyberbullying and it was awful...I manage to survive and face up the bully and we now became good friends. All i got to say is that bullying is not great so let's just be good friends :)