How do you feel today? Listen to a song called Feelings are feelings and sing along.


What makes you happy, sad, excited or angry? Tell us about it!

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Happy-my family
Sad-when I accidentally upset my mum
Exited -birthdays
Angry-when my baby brother rips books and when he fights me

What makes me:
Sad-animal abuse
Excited-post packages

what makes me :
happy = to go to school
sad = animal abuse
excited = cats
angry = to get bad marks

you build a song is I love

What make you happy - how make me happy arr alot of things but for exemple umhhh.... dogs wen i go at home of some one els and they have a dog i like

sad - when my parent screm at me

excited - my berthay party

angry - the same as sad

tell is about it!