Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do? What's your favourite part of the Easter holiday? If not, what do you know about this holiday?

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my name is Caelynn. I live in the united states. I celebrate Easter with my family. We hunt for eggs, but my favorite part is dressing up and going to church!

1: Actually I don't know. 2: When I was younger when we were in our summer house. We got some candy and then hid it in the garden. And after that you can guess what we did afterwards ( we ate the candy ). But I think I am little to old for that.

We celebrate Easter. I have a party and eat.

In Ukraine we celebrate Easter. We set an Easter basket; we put eggs, Paska (special Easter bread), salt, sugar, sausage, cheese and butter. We go to church with that basket and bless it. At Easter people have holiday breakfast and eat blessed food. After breakfast peopl ego to their family. My favourite part of the Easter holiday is setting the Easter basket. In Ukraine people eat chocolate bunnies, because bunnies aren't the symbol of Easter in Ukraine.

Hi I am DEMON. Easter is my favorite day.I go to egg hunt I like Easter very much!


I like easter.

This is quite easy. I do celebrate Easter here in Uruguay! Is there any harder course on this? I'm 11 & I'm looking for something that I'm learning in school. Like pronoun possessions, adding commas, clauses. Do you know which section they're on? Cause I can't find them. I can't find my level...

In Viet Nam, we don't celebrate Easter!