What's the weather like today where you are? What's the weather usually like in your country? What's your favourite type of weather?

Your Turn: Weather
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It was hot. it's always hot. I like sunny days

1.the weather is sunny. the temp is 25 degrees.
2.the weather in my country sunny and cold
3.my favourite type of weather is sunny and hot.

The weather is sunny and warm in California

@MisterVelociraptor4000 Great comment!

in anaheim it is cloudy and warm

The weather is sunny and warm. My fav weather is sunny and hot.

1. Today in El Puerto de Santa Maria it's raining and cloudy.
2. In Spain usually It's sunny and hot.
3. My favourite type of weather it's sunny and hot.

I love when it snows. But it never snows in Florida.

Today's weather is snowy. Our country's weather is usually cool and cold. My favorite season is summer.

I love sunny days!And my favorite is summer!