What are the rules at Kitty's school? Do you know how to use the modals 'must' and 'mustn't'? Watch the video and find out!


What are the rules at your school? Write a comment and tell us about it!

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We must do our homework. We must tidy our class. We mustn`t latter. And We mustn`t draw on our desks.

i like it.

I didn't understand this video.

Hi AluminiumMoonstoneCrystal,

In this video you can hear Kitty and Gran talk about rules - things that you must and mustn't do.

You can read the words for the video if you click on 'Print the words for the video' in the documents box under the video. 

If you'd like to practise using 'must' and 'mustn't' you can go to our grammar practice section:


I hope that helps.


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I learn english very well from this site ! Thank you British Council !!

im homeschooled

 It is true that we all must follow the rules of every thing like school rules, home rules and etc

Oh, so pretty