Where did Gran go at the weekend? Do you know how to use past simple questions? Watch the video and find out!



Where did you go at the weekend? What did you do? Who did you go with? Did you have fun? Write a comment and tell us about it!

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I like this video very very much!

The video is beautiful!

 I want to tell you that I would want to be friends with everyone friends with me?

 I like it very much

So so so so good. Very nice. I like Gran and Katty. Gran teach Katty and Katty hear it because she's like us, she likes English very much!

HiHi...! I know you will change your picture! It's nice!

Hi, i would like to be your friend.

It is nice of you to place a new video! I have enjoyed it very much. It is cool and funny.
Now I know how to say correctly in the past simple. Thank you.
May I ask you to make a new video with passive voice, please?
It will be helpfull in my school.

Hi LadyYellow5,
Glad to hear you liked the video and that it helped you with grammar.
Thanks for your suggestion about a video to explain the passive. I have passed it on to the rest of the LearnEnglish Kids team!

LearnEnglish Kids team