This traditional story is about using your talents to help others. What can the magic paintbrush do? Watch and find out!

Narrated by Melvyn Hayes


Imagine you have a magic paintbrush. What do you paint? Write a comment and tell us about it!

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i would like paint my father for stay with him

I love this story

I wish i have a magic paintbrush i will help people and draw things for me

I wonder if I can get the magic print brush to draw some money for the poor people.

The story is best!

I will paint cricket bats which will be made out of fine willow wood . The name of the company will be "Great Strike."

Nice story

WOW! It's a wonderful story........

I would like to paint a camper van, animals, forest, beach, flowers, mountain flowers files, ocean, sea, sky, sunset and dawn. I would paint for my friend Enya


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