Read about the football World Cup then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English.


Have you ever watched the FIFA World Cup? Who's your favourite team?

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Maybe they wanted the world cup for ther self

I'm crazy about football

I have never watched FIFA WORLD CUP buy, now when I read this I really like Brazil

yesterday i watch football world cup in russia!

What dies a “thief” have to do with football

they sold it for monney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi NeverWowMosquito,

The winners of this football competition win a trophy. This very valuable trophy is the 'World Cup' . Some thieves stole the trophy in England in 1966. But luckily a dog found it!


I hope that helps.

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you know who wins in fifa world cup 2018

When I watched football cup I supported "JUVENTUS" because I like goalkeeper Buffon who plays in this team.

This article is very interesting to read. Now I have learnt many things about football