Watch this video to see a family playing a board game in English.

Print this game to play at home with your family! You can also download some useful phrases for playing the game below.

If your children love board games, print our board game template and get them to make their own game!


but,rhat was unable.they said,You are not authorized to access this page.

Hi Redcatoon,

Sorry you're having problems, if you email us we can help you, pls email us any time you have a problem with the site.


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LearnEnglish Kids team

The page is not open .

Hi Redcatoon,

This game needs Flash to run and Flash doesn't work on phones or tablets. If you are using a computer you could check if Flash is enabled in your browser.

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Jo (LearnEnglishKids team)

Jo, thanks a lot.
My primary English students are also paying the game.