Look at the penpal letter then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


Do you like the same things as Juan? What languages do you speak?

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Hi Gaia . How are you?
My name's Diba. I'm 12 and I'm from Iran.How old are you?
I'm tall,have a brown, short hair and black eyes.
I have two parrots that called Lumpy and Layka. I love swimming,Tae wan dou,music and watch cartoons.
Weather in Iran is very good.

hiiii! I am gaia. I live in a town near the sea .(in italy)
have got blonde hair and big brown eyes.
I have got one brother called martin,he likes very mutch dinosaurs. the is 5 years old. have you brothers or sisters?
i like very mutch animals!

I don't think it's a good idea to post your personal information on the internet. A stranger can use that information to harm you.

Yeah everyone will get harmed if they post their information on the internet.

Dear PinkEaglePaw
You are right, it's definitely not a good idea to post your personal information on the internet, where everyone can see it. 
But a letter to a penpal is different. You aren't posting it online, you are writing it in a letter and sending it to one person. Only that one individual person will see it.
I hope that helps.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

Hi guys!
How are you?My names roshanak and i am from tehran in iran.I am 12 years old.
i am tall,I have olive hair and brown eyes.I have got one sister.
I have lots of fish in my aquarium.i like karate,volley ball and books.
i speak persian (the language in iran)
its hot and sunny in iran. ah.....

I am Sami I'm 10 years old . I am from Saudi Arabia .
In Saudi Arabia the weather is nice and cool .

My favorite sport is soccer .

I am eleven years old and I like play football and computar game I'm from is Turkey

Hi everybody,
I am Maxime. I am 8 years old. I'm from France and I live in Marseille.
I like football, music and climbing.

Hi ,Linda .
I am D.J , i am 9 years old . I live in hanoi now but I am from England . How are you ?
I am tall , i have brown eyes and 2 sister. How about you ?
I have a bird name Litle Magic . Do you have any pets ? I like basket ball and music . What do you like ?
I speak English and French . What do you speak ?
Its hot in hanoi . What is the weather like there ?
Please write soon
Best wishes ,