What do you eat at Christmas? What's your favourite Christmas food? Is there any Christmas food that you don't like?

Your Turn: Christmas Food
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I eat gingerbread men on xmas.

cristmas food is cool

I eat chocolate for Christmas. I favourite for Christmas is gingerbread man. I have some food that I don’t like is recipe candy.

I eat cake and salad

I eat oranges, chocolate cake, cupcake, chicken and Ukrainian salad. I like all Christmas food. Christmas it is cool.

My favorite food in cristmas is roastbeef

Cotechino with lentils,panettone.Is a panettone.yes I like.

I love all food! specially cakes, but I hate brussel sprouts. Yuck

hi i'm from mongolia and in mongolia we don't celebrate christmas

I'm Vietnamese. In Viet Nam, we don't celebrate Christmas but we have Tet. We can make banh chung and banh tet to eat