Early years

Timmy and his friends Ruffy and Otus from the TV series Timmy Time are back in our English language learning app! In Learning Time with Timmy 2, we bring you more games to challenge your child’s cognitive skills and help language development.

Timmy and friends, Kid and Finlay, are back and having fun in the sun! The third app in the ‘Learning Time with Timmy’ series features a new reading game, new videos, stickers and party themes to help young children learn English.


LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime helps your child build confidence in English speaking and improve listening skills. Listen to over 100 quality animated songs and stories grouped into themes like Fairy Tales and classic Children’s Songs.

The LearnEnglish Kids: Videos app takes the most popular stories from the LearnEnglish Kids website and transforms them into fun, animated video stories for handheld devices.