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yesterday i went the beach with my friends lily and Sabrina it was a funny day

its my birthday this friday.i went to buy things for birthday and cake!

yesterday was not fun

these days are holidays to our country (Maldives) .ummmm..................... yesterday? oh...yeah..... yesterday was bit boring because my mom was not allowing me to go to my cousins house i was very upset and i watched cartoon and didn't talk to my family you know i was upset. and last but not least i was very dumb because of that dayyyyyyyy.................... i hated yesterday can any one tell me how can i solve this today ummmm help! help! helppppppppp!!!!!

Yesterday i went with my friends at the park and we played all day long.

hi my name is chyanis.i come from india . yesterday was little bit stress.i had an exam.so hard especially math.i didn't understand the questions at all.i was so scared about result.but when the result came i was sooo happy i got a good mark

Oh. well, was it good?

Yesterday I went to school first. Than when I came back home I eat and wrote my homework. When I finished I called my friends and went out to take a walk. After couple of hours, when I came back home I had dinner and watch TV after dinner, and I went to bed. :)

i woke up at 11 o clock, then i have breakfast.I watched tv a lot, talk on the telephone with my friend and it some great food.I went outside with my little brother to play football with him..
 at 8 oclock i went outside with my friends. there were 3 girls and 2 boys with  me...
we had fun and when i went back homee i listened to music until midnight...

Yesterday I went to the school at eight o'clock.After that I go home and I ate the lunch.I have a rest for one  hour and after that I go to the tennis club.