World Peace Day


September 21st is World Peace Day. Do you celebrate World Peace Day in your country? What do you think of when you see or hear the word 'Peace'? Tell us your ideas about how you could celebrate this special day. 

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Yes, we celebrate World Peace day. I think of people who loved eache other, there's love, life, free and everything good in all around the world. :-)

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peace day!Yay!

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peace is great

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  •  I love peace Day
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hi, i need some help, my avatar disapears all the time ...
would be nice if somebody knew how 2 keep my avatar.

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Dear KickingTreeTower,

To change your avatar click on the character.This will take you to your profile. Click on 'edit' and you can change your character here. Remember to click on 'save' when you have finished.

I hope that solves the problem : )



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Let's celebrate!!it's pace day
Let's celebrate!it's peace day
Today is cool Today is niiice!
Let's celebrate

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 NO war!

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 September 21st is World Peace Day. Do you celebrate World Peace Day in your country?
I don't know if here in Albania is a day like this ...What do you think of when you see or hear the word 'Peace'?
mm...Peace is a gr8 word and when i here it I think for everything that makes me happy ...if in the world wouldn't ..existed..we wouldn't live in this peaceful world ...

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Do you celebrate World Peace Day in your country? No.
Tell us your ideas about how you could celebrate this special day.  I don't know how to celebrate, if MissLuckyMouse know please do tell us!

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Dear miss lucky mouse
we here at Khawla school in Yemen love this website and learn a lot from it.
why you don't add section about world food so we can write about our food ? we sent a booklet to our U.K partner telling them about yemeni food as well as they sent us booklet about British food!
we would like to hear from others about their food.
we would like to know about thier national celebrated days as well.
your friends
9th grade :)

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Hi Agela, Rana, Siaoon and Sondos! 

Thanks for writing! There is a Your Turn activity already for you to tell us all about Yemeni food. I don't know anything about the traditional food in Yemen so I hope you will write soon and tell us all about it. Here's the page: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/your-turn/food

If you have any more ideas about things you would like to write about, PLEASE let me know! Thanks so much.

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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 i love peace day and thanks all. Green music 40, in what grade you are? I am in 5th grade in saudi arabia can you be my friend?  your avatar is nice, ilike it.

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  Hi everybody ,
We are students from khawla Bent Al-Azwar school in Yemen,
we have done a jigsaw painting about world peace in which we devided the work between us that each one chose part of the painting to draw then we collected the painting's parts into one whole we enjoyed this activity so much .
Then we collected  peace symbols that are use in different cultures and told others in the school about them.
We hope peace spread all over the world

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Thanks for telling us about your jigsaw painting. It sounds fantastic! Well done!

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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 thanks  Miss Lucky Mouse =)
in my school we do a big celebration of the World Peace Day, and i like it a lot!

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 hi! do you like my avatar?
i love the peace day!!

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Hi Twinkling Cave Monster

Yes - great avatar. You even have a peace symbol on your jumper, I like it a lot.

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Do you like my avatar ?

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Hi Green Music 40!

Yes, I do like your avatar. I like your dog too. What's his name?

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Hello what is your name ?
I`m GreenMusic40.....and I`m eight years old.

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Hi all! I don't think we celebrate Peace Day. At least, I don't hear about it. I've read about it though. I think peace is essential for everything, practically each and everything we do. It would be wonderful if all people understand this but they don't seem to. According to me, peace prevailing everywhere is worth a hundred Peace Days. I will admit though, that Peace Day is a good way of reminding everybody the most important thing of all called PEACE...............

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Thank you Starry Mystic Dentist. :) 

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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           Last sept. 21st we celebrated Peace Day Tree in my town, at school.- We planted a ginko tree and we put a lot of ornaments in a dry tree.- It was fantastic.-

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I am surprise to hear the word "peace" because it show about how we cam make our place would be better and save. We know that many criminal and war around in this world now. It never stop and always continue year by year. I afraid our children in the future wont be save. I hope all of the people realize and start to life positive. If we can do it, the condition would be enjoy. comfortable and we can life happily together.
I try to do something to make the world would be peace. I absolutely celebrate this event with the goverment programme at my school such as demonstrating on the road and we persuad to all to do it together. I am happy!!!

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I don't know. But if we celebrated peace we would make nice words to use to one another.

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No, we don't celebrate in our country, at least I don't hear about that. My idea about the word "Peace" is " I'm happy so much and everybody to be happy and love each other . And help each other keeping the world "Peace".

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 No, we don't have peace day, but we have "festa junina", and "dia das crianças.                                                                      (I come fro Brazil, comment about my comment if you come from Brazil to)                                                                               My name is Helena and in this site my nameis missrapfashion and my passwod is..... well I can't say that.