September 21 is World Peace Day. Do you celebrate World Peace Day in your country? What do you think of when you see or hear the word 'peace'? Tell us your ideas about how you could celebrate this special day. 

Your Turn: World Peace Day
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WE don't celebrate peac day .

we dont celebrate peace day

we do celebrate worlds peace day

We don't celebrate Peace Day in our country. When i hear the wod peace,i think at a world with more good things everywhere. I can't describe. This word means other thing for everyone. I think we can celebrate Peace Day by forgotting every bad thing was happened .

Yes, we celebrate World Peace day. I think of people who loved eache other, there's love, life, free and everything good in all around the world. :-)

peace day!Yay!

peace is great

  •  I love peace Day

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Dear KickingTreeTower,

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