In many countries, 23 April is World Book Day. Do you celebrate World Book Day where you live? Do you like reading? What's your favourite book?

Your Turn: World Book Day
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in Viet Nam we don't celebrate book day too. And i love reading very much . my favorite book is science of the nature book

In my country we don' celebrate it and i think we should. I like reading. I read a lot of books and i can't choose one of them.

So sad most kids in India do not spend book day. But for me every day is a book day. i am reading books from the day i turned two. Now i am reading Christmas Carol by Charles dickens. It is an awesome book even you will love it

i celebrate world book.first i took my books,chairs and table from library to front of my home in morning then people came and read books because the weather is good to read a book.and they are natural around .somebody borrow book to read at home.

i have an overflow of books on my shelf . Hardly any of them are non fictoin ,lol. .. .. .. .. : []

Hello. I will tell you about my book day. I love reading very much. I have more than 100 books because I always go to the shop. At my school, teachers always celebrate it. We will bring money and buy them. It is really cheap. It is only 5 thousands dong. I like having many books because they are useful for me. When I buy them, I think that my cousins also like it so I buy for them some.

We don't celebrate book day. But we have sooooo man book festivals in India. But i really love reading. I spend all my free time on reading books only. I like to read Enid Blyton very much. I also suggest you to read them too. They are awesome!

i live in morrocco i like reading books

In Vietnam, I love to read books. WE have many book store and many READING BOOK DAY. I always buy books, so I have 162 books now. So great !

 I love to read books since I was little! In Italy we do celebrate world book day