One of the typical dishes in the UK is roast beef. The beef is cooked in the oven with roast potatoes and served with vegetables and a tasty sauce called 'gravy'. Can you tell us about one of the typical dishes from your country? 

Your Turn: Typical Dish
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One of Viet Nam typical dish is pho. Do you know about pho? It makes with rice noodle and beef. You can add some vegetables too.

in our bread pie

One of Hong Kong most typical food is Sui Mai.It is a food that is very popular in HK.Everyone loves them.I like them too.It is made from fish and served with soy sauce.

i live in nepal .i eat rice in snacks

One typical dish from Spain is tortilla española (Spanish omelette). It is made out of eggs, potatoes, and onions. It looks like a cake, and you can cut it into slices. You can eat it for dinner or lunch. I like it because it is yummy.

Macedonian typical food is Pastramajlija. It's made from dough and meat. Pastramajlija is usually oval-shaped with sliced meat cubes on top of it. :)


 fish chips

 chick peas and rice,dumen (jellyfish pasta),frog hart noddle  and shark fin pasta

are typical dish is hot wings and bbq