What's your favourite sport? How often do you play? Have you won any medals? What's the most popular sport in your country?

Your Turn: Sports
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I llike football; I play it sometimes with my school friends. I like watching football on TV with my dad.
I also do dancing. I do dancing for 6 years. I like dancing. At dancing classes I found new friends.

I'm a girl but I like playing football! I often play football with boys

I do cheerleading. It is very fun. It is a team sport. You have to help each other.
Does some of you practice cheerleading too?

I like soccer. It is so much fun for me. I like it because I play it so often with my older brother. It is really fun, although we sometimes cheat. During school hours at break and lunch I play soccer with my friends. It is my favourite sport. I enjoy it.

I like running. I won first place in 80m in my school sport day last year. I always jog with my father every Saturday.

i like volley ball.

my favorite sport football and running i got first place from that

I do basketball ,voley and sometimes tennies but i can't choose one of them.I l play them every week. I didn't win any medals. I play with my friends and sometimes i win. The most popular sport in my country is football on the first place and on the second place are the gimnastyics.

Hi, my favourite sport is running. I play it every day. Yes, I have some medals. In our country they are popular skiing and ski jumping. :)

Hello! My name is MisterT-RexMole. My favourite sport is basketball. I've got four gold medals. I play a basketball match every weekend.