Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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My school is a secondary school and it's very large. There are lots of rooms and a canteen but the canteen sells very expensive!

my school is very big with a computer room.

i love school i learn lot and get incredible grades

The best thing : fooooood!!! sooooo delicious!!!
The worst thing : 2 Korean books a semester...

The best about my school is food.The worst about my school is toilet.

Me to. I hate toilet that smell it bad

Hi everybody, my name is Penguin.
today I'm going to talk about my school. There are many classrooms and students. I have many subjects. I like Maths, English and Vietnamese. I love my school very much.

I am Ana. I love my school because my school is very big and pretty. I love my teacher too
. At school, I have many friends to play with me. My teacher is very pretty and very gentle. My class is not dirty. I love my school, my teacher and my friends.

The worst thing about school is homework and the best thing about kindergarten is playground.

My school is very big. Is a very friendly place. The best things at my school are my friends and the worst are my homeworks.