Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 

Your Turn: School
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The best about my school is food.The worst about my school is toilet.

Hi everybody, my name is Penguin.
today I'm going to talk about my school. There are many classrooms and students. I have many subjects. I like Maths, English and Vietnamese. I love my school very much.

I am Ana. I love my school because my school is very big and pretty. I love my teacher too
. At school, I have many friends to play with me. My teacher is very pretty and very gentle. My class is not dirty. I love my school, my teacher and my friends.

The worst thing about school is homework and the best thing about kindergarten is playground.

My school is very big. Is a very friendly place. The best things at my school are my friends and the worst are my homeworks.

I agree with you! I also think that the best thing at my school are my friends. I like to meet them at school, and we have lots of fun together in the breaks.

Hi !
My school is so big . I have many friends there . I learn many things everyday . My favourite subject is English . I like all my teachers because they are too kind .

Hi everyone. Firstly I am Turkish. I live in Kocaeli (in Turkey). I speak Englis and Turkish. I love my school. My name is Ayse Ecre. Good bye!

Hello my name is Ilgın. I am 10 years old. I am new for Learn English Kids British Council. My school is in Turkey. I like school because we learn many interesting things. But I feel stressed about the exams. My scool building is very big. It is primary and middle school. Our sports area is 2 ballpark long. I love my class,lessons and school:)

I am learning about prehistoric in my topic and it is very easy!!!