Poetry competition 2010


Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part in this year's poetry competition. In the international learners' categories there were 753 entries, from 31 different countries!

You can read all the winning poems on the Children's Poetry Bookshelf website, and we are very happy and proud to publish the winning poems from the international competition here. The quality and level of the poems is amazing, so well done to you all! 

Winners in 7-8 age group, International Learners of English


By Ishu Gupta, aged 8, from India (first prize)

My sweet home! My sweet home!
I love my home! I love my home!

If wind comes who will protect me?
If winter comes who will protect me?

My home, my home nice for me.
My home, my home a temple for me.

If summer comes who will protect me?
If rain comes who will protect me?

My home, my home best for me.
My home, my home a mosque for me.

If night comes who will shelter me?
If storm comes who will shelter me?

My home, my home is good for me.
A majestic creation of Thee.

There is no place like house, home

By Melanie Duarte Sanchez, aged 8, from Mexico (second prize)

There are many things we call a house,
Like small dark holes in the walls for the noisy mouse.

Tall windy nests in the trees are what flying birds like the most,
But dirty deep holes in the ground are cosy for rabbits and moles.

Dogs and kittens sleep in soft pillows,
And little spiders make webs in the corners of some windows.

Crocodiles and snakes enjoy muddy swamps,
But beavers prefer to build their own dams.

Fish and whales live in the wet blue sea,
And wood or brick buildings are houses for you and me.
But what really matters is:
To have a home where you can feel safe and free.

Different Home

By Tong Ho Kan Kenny, aged 8 from Hong Kong (third prize)

One man,
he has a home.
It is a bus,
because he is a bus driver.

One old man,
He has no home,
because he is a ghost.

One super man,
he has a home.
It is the space!

My Darling Home

By Ada Ciontu, aged 7, from Romania (highly commended)

When I go home,
I eat, I sleep,
I colour, I bother
And no-one minds.

I watch TV
And get a treat,
Even I trick.

I take a shower,
Put on a flower,
Pull out my baby teeth
And smile a bit.

When I feel blue,
Mom and Dad “moo”,
And you can see my smile,
Out from a mile.

Oh, I love my darling home,
Where everybody loves me
Just the way I am.

Home for Everyone

By Bohdan Meleshko, aged 7, from the Ukraine (highly commended)

My home’s a country house,
my teacher’s home’s a flat
a hole’s a home for a mouse,
a snail’s home’s on its back.
All beings have their own homes.
Homes can be big or small.
I am so sorry for all those
who have no home at all.
The world will be more fun
if there’s a home for everyone!

 Winners in 9-11 age group, International Learners of English

A house we built together

By Cristina Vrincianu, aged 11, from Romania (first prize)

Our house is a house.
We built it together.
We have laid every brick one by one.
We have nailed every board, one blow at a time.
Our house is a house.
We built it together.

Not every board is perfect, some are not even straight.
Some walls are built in the wrong place.
We must carefully remove those boards
We must carefully remove those walls.

We must rebuild them in the right place.
We must replace each board one by one
Until the holes are all filled
Until all the walls are in the right place.

When we have finished
We can stand back and say
“This is our house,
A house we built together!” 

“Home – my friend”

By Mikolaj Marsy, aged 11, from Poland (second prize)

My walls are yellow like sunrays in the morning
My roof is red like maple leaves in Autumn
My door is brown like sweet chocolate boiling
My windows – limping like lakes in the mountains.

I’m as old as your grandpa who’s collecting stamps
I’m as safe as the money in Swiss banks
I’m as happy as your best friends
I’m as warm as flames in the fireplace.

I don’t want to leave you
I like when you are in
I hate when you go out
I love when we are near.


By Anastasi Panagiotopoulou, aged 9, from Greece (third prize) 

For a fox, it’s its den,
For a snail, it’s its shell,
For a bird, it’s the sky,
For me, it’s my school.
You’re probably wondering why.
Am I a fool?
I come from a broken family.
My school makes me feel like a baby kangaroo
in its pouch.
Safe, warm and wanted.
School, sweet school...

Moon in the Sky

By Pablo Vincent, aged 11, from France (highly commended) 

Flowers in the sitting room,
Rain in the garden
lights off
I’m in bed

 I dream a house

By Lorenzo Di Biagio and Luca Oleari, aged 10, from Italy

I go to the supermarket and I write a list.
I buy a golden wall,
an ice door
and seven floors.
A diamond chair,
a collection of Montblanc pens.
A fire disc,
a metal chimney
a silver roof.
An orange fridge
an LED 4D TV.
A rock window.
A chocolate table,
a water armchair, a pair of pears
A crystal bed and a good dad.



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WhiteStarlightPiano's picture

a liftoff
a liftoff
in a rocket
a liftoff
in a rocket
with 5,4,3,2,1...
a liftoff
in a rocket
with 5,4,3,2,1...
a liftoff
in a rocket
with 5,4,3,2,1...
with 58.000 km p/h
a liftoff
in a rocket
with 5,4,3,2,1...
with 58.000 km p/h
a sneaky landing on the moon
White Starlight Piano

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I love writing poems! Here are some of them:                                                 A Polar Bear                                                                                                                                                                            Glorious white,                                                                                                                                                                         A wonderful sight!                                                                                                                                                                   Soft and furry,                                                                                                                                                                          Lovely to burry!                                                                                                                                                                       It's home is full of ice,                                                                                                                                                            Look's quite nice.                                                                                                                                                                     Endangered specie,                               My Little Sister                                                                                                                                 Save it please!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my little sister,
her way of talking & whispers.
She jumps like a butterfly,
To me; she never tells a lie.
She's a bit naughty,
But she's not at all haughty.
Her favourite food is a tasty bun
Living with her is like a cup of fun.

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Hi DJ August Forever,

Wow! Great poems! Thanks a lot for sharing them.

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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                                                                  ~Choclatety Home~
I once knew a chocolate house it had everything that's
chocolatety. A liquerice sofa, a chocolatety roof,
lolipop chimney, an ice cream cabinet.
Here oh here my strawberry cat that went far away 
from the Chocolatety home............

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Miss Lucky Mouse what's a poem?

MissLuckyMouse's picture

Hi Princess White Firefly

I think you know what a poem is. You've just written one yourself! Well done.

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you!
B-) cool huh?

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i know this one

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yeah cool n coolest poem ever actually the sweetest poem ever.

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 i'm just saying my poem.. in case.
The moon is white,
My house is yellow,
It's such a sight
Oh it's so mellow
When i look
I feel all good
the bad it shook
right out of me.

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hi website editor u bust be lala  when you are mad i am 10 and we get laptops in the fithgrade yay us

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I was thinking about something,
a warm bed,
in a big house,
and a warm cup of hot chocolate
A nice smell of roses in the room
a nice blue sky outside the window
The moon was sparkled in the sky
I could feel a wind coming throught the half open window
 and shivered
Then I opened my eyes and I Came back to reality...
 I was outside in the green forest
alone in the dark
I was freezing
My dream will never come true...
/ Me...

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Hi Lady Emerald Angel,

What a beautiful poem. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Hi Miss Lucky Mouse!
I'm new here! I love this site.

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Welcome to LearnEnglish Kids. We're happy you're here! 

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Miss Lukey Mouse I have a poem which I wrote it my self the poem is about chemistry tell me how can i give you that poem I am waiting for your reply.

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 cool poems.......!!!! ( i like " Different Home " )

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MissLuckyMouse you seem very nice do you want to be friends on here?

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Thank you Natural Diamond50! 

I am friends with everyone on LearnEnglish Kids! :)

Have a nice day! Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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 That's... very nice of you to accept the friendship of each kid. I now feel happy knowing were all friends here. You have MADE my day.

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This year I started to write many types of poems . If  there are any competitions I would like to join .

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hi,Miss lucky mouse:
would you please tell me how to take a part in your competions.
couse i realy do like competions,but do i have to travel to the britsh council or i can join you on the website.
with love,yomna

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Hi Green Grey2,

When we have competitions on the site we will give you all the information here on LearnEnglish Kids, ok? Don't worry - we will put the information on the homepage so you won't miss it. ;)

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Dear Miss Lucky  Mouse,
Are there any other competition come????
Please inform me.
   Thank You

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Hi Doctor Magic Swan and Princess Gem Ghost,

We are planning some more competitions. Keep an eye on the site to find out more in the next few months. Ok?

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Dear MissLuckyMouse,
is there any other competittion beside the poetry competition?

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  •  hello my house is nice and fairy and all sweet
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could anyone told me what is the topic for 2011 ???

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Dear MissLuckyMouse,
 Can i know how do i want to participate in this poetry competition.And i really need your information for this poetry competition... Because i would like to participate this competition  very much . :)
I hope you will give me some information about this poetry competition for 2011...

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Hi Princess White Jewel,

You will have to wait for information about this year's poetry competition. We usually give the information in June or July. Ok? It's great that you want to take part. You can practise writing some poems at home so you are ready to write a brilliant one for the competiton.

Have a nice day! 

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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Thankyou very much MissLuckyMouse for your information to me..
It is a great pleasure to be a member in this wonderful website.If youre not mine can you tell me how to make my poem clear so that people can understand and could you teach me how to write a poem because in Malaysia school we usually study how to wtite poem in grade 6. So I hope you can... :)

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 well... if this isn't helpful, i'm not forcing you to read it. I hope it is though! Well, study the grammar very closely and whenever you make a poem or story, always check over it, like re read it, just in case of any spelling mistakes and other mistakes.

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My home my home
I Love my home
It's very nice
Because It My home

I Like my home
Because ıt's my home
It very sweet
I like my home ...
                                                 This is my song

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who loves chocolate i know someone who canot eat choclate or will get ill!  (I LOVE IT!:)

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my name is khawla how are you ? I'm from libay ...

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Miss luckymouse, I  am chinese,Are you doing any thing for that day?

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Hi Solid Dolphin Netball,

Do you mean for Chinese New Year? I don't celebrate it because I'm British and I live in Spain. What do you do to celebrate?

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse.

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Every wone roat a verry good poem!

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Congrats for the winner !! :)

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Could anyone of u tell me that how we will take part in a poetry competition?

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Hi Lord Screen Badminton,

We only have one poetry competition each year, so at the moment you can't take part. Keep your eyes open in the summer for news of a competition.

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

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 i like HOME by Ishu Gupta

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I have a book that's full of poems really interessting!

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Happy Room Pink
 I have Pink stickers
I have pink Dolls
My Laptap is Pink
Pink Pink every where in my room

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very cool poems

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they r not cool they r rubish

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hi missluckymouse i am new so can you tell me somthing about this website