Your Turn: Pets

Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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StarryDiamond5000's picture

I had a dog. His name was Milisav, but he ran away from home.

QueenBubble800's picture

Yes. i have one cat and two rabbits

MagicEatingBow's picture

I have a pet rooster in my grandpa's village. It is Alexandros. I want to buy a fish.

LadySlideQuail's picture

In my class, it's has a fish. I'm very like it, but it"s not my.

MissPopMarigold's picture

Hi I have a dog but I have to take it back to the people so they can train him.

WhiteBlueWow's picture

 i have 2 perrots  . their names are tom and jack . i like them very much.

MissPopMarigold's picture

I have a dog , his name is Cliper his gona be for the blind people. We are trainig him.

ProfessorTrainCycling's picture

No, I haven't got a pet, but I want a dog.

WildRedKitty's picture

 I  have 6 cats  in  the  garden.  They  are  so  nice.  When   I  open  the  door they  run  up    and   begin  to  meow  loudly.     They    always  want   to   eat .  We feed them every day.   When   foreign  cats  come  to  eat   our  cats  expel   them    from  our   garden. They are not hospitable.

SpottyPixiePrincess's picture

 I have 2 cats a male and a female and 1 dog. The male cat have furry fur and a little bit white and orange.
They are friendly each other and they never fight each other. I love them.

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WhitePrincess5000's picture

hi! I had a small deer,  Diry . I also had guinea pig. and two dogs. and one beautiful cat, Clara

MetalGrassRabbit's picture

I like pets. My favourite animal is dogs but I don't like cats! I don't have pets at home.

MetalGrassRabbit's picture

Hello my name is Giovanni and my favourite animal is a dog and lives in the home's Granthmouther

KingTombRobot's picture

I would like a cat or a dog. I'd take care about them.  I think dogs are the best pets.

LilacSongHello's picture

 I have got a kitten. He is white and black. His name is Barsik. He runs very fast. I like cats.

Do you like cats?

SuperPlatinum1000's picture

No, I don't have a pet. Yes I would like to have a pet, dog. I think that will be cats, dogs, monkey...

YellowRabbitBird's picture

I have not pet but my favourite pet is cat.

AlwaysMouseTeddy's picture

I have a cat and her name is Fifi, she really clever and smart. I really love her

DJDeerPotato's picture

I have 2 dogs and over 20 goldfish. 1 of my dogs is a pain the other 1 just lays on the bed all day and does nothing. they'll do anything for a sweet.

CaptainPianoDJ's picture

dog is my life

ProfessorVioletTomb's picture

I dont have a pet but I have wrote a poem on a cat:
My cat's name is pussy
its very soft and fluffy
it act's as mad to me 
I dont do bad to it
I'll give you more milk
but dont take my favourite chocolate the DAIRYMILK  SILK

I'am eager to have a pet but the only problem is:who will clean the area
living with pets is fun
pets have great talents
some can run very fast,some can leap high,some can speak
1 of the pet which is in many varieties is a dog
there are more than25 varieties of dogs
parrot is another pet which can speak
having pets is not a good decision
because only when the animal is happy in the envioronment
the enviorenment looks nice

MissInternetEarth's picture
Hi ProfessorVioletTomb,
I like your poem! I love cats, I've got two. I think they make the best pets!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team 
PrincessPiano600's picture

 Well,I haven't got a pet but I wery want  guinea pigs or a cat

CreamFireHorse's picture

I have got four cats, before I had also a lot of fish, three turtles and eleven parrots.

MissHamster's picture

I have a guinea pig

LadyBluebellSand's picture

my dad will give me a cat i want its name will be lolyan  or cocy

PrincessPiano600's picture

I haven't got any pets.

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DJTablaDJ's picture

Yes , l have . lt can run fast and jump far . lt is little dog .

LoudCrystal999's picture

I love dogs more than me. but, I have a cat and she is cute. She is one year old and her eyes are blue. She has a creamy colour. Her name is Fibby. She likes to play with the ball and rope. She likes sleeping so much. I love my cuty cat so much, but i love dogs more.

MissGigantosaurusOrchestra's picture

No, I have not got a pet. I would like to have a cat and a dog! I think the best pet would be the dog. When you are alone, you can play with him. 
What do you think about dogs?

LadyRedPelican's picture

i dont have any pet.i love cats,and i dont like dogs!!!

MissChimpanzeeDiplodocus's picture

I have a budgie. His name is Pepík.Is it very beautiful pet.

AgentPurpleSpell's picture

I love cats
but I have no one. 

BlueZebra7000's picture

I would like a dog and horses. Because i think dogs are  nice and make you happy. I like horseriding.

DukeBlue1000's picture

 I like as pets the fish ! Of course, I don 't eat them !  

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SilverJugglerPoppy's picture

mi mane is jennifer i leve ecuador .. i love animalis .......:)

PinkGrassBow's picture

I love animals very much, but I have no one I hope that I have a cat would be named Katie

SparklingAmulet200's picture

I have yorkshire, Max. He is so cute! He is great in jumping, smart, excited, persistent but quite unfriendly and loud

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I have a dog it is a Wicklow Collie it's name is Harley!!!

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PurpleRap7's picture

I  have a pet.It a pet name is lolla.It is black.It is small.I take care of may dog.I  am good friend to my dog.I play,feed,I give bath to my dog.Lolla is a good pet  becouse it dasem bite.

YellowSitarBaby's picture

Hİ , ı have a pet caretta caretta.

QueenGold7's picture

Hello dear friends,
 Oh... I haven't got a pet. My mother don't want to have any. But I want a dog... I want to have it very much!!! But I won't  have It.... But  I'm happy without pets too!!!
  Bye, Polina

OldPaper1000's picture

No, I haven't got a pet, but it is my greatest wish to get a female dog. This dog will be named Scarlet.

PrincessSongFlute's picture

 i have a white cat. he is so soft and fluffy. it has some black spots on it and have round, big eyes. i love him. he plays with me. one, i also had a cute family of bunnies. they were so so cute but we shifted to another house and we forgot to take them. now, i dont know what will be happening to them. hope they will be fine. but when i found a new pet cat, all my worries are gone and i love my cat very much.
                                                                                              thank you.

ClimbingWalrusAstronaut's picture

 hello! I am ClimbingWalrusAstronaut. I have two fish. The small one's name is Roo. The big one's name is Marble.