Have you got a pet? If so, tell us all about it. If not, would you like to have a pet? Which animals do you think make the best pets?

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I've got a cat. His name Koksik. My cat is cleve. I look after my cat. He can run and jump. He is black.

i have lots of fish.they are very very nice.

I have one kitten

i once have a birdy his name bubbly. he ws died this year so sad.

i am a cute cute dog, and my owner ( called brownie) writes for me, because i don't have thumbs.
i like so much my pellets, and if i am behave properly, my owner give me a prize.
i love when he walks me on the park, and i turn crazy when i see other dogs, above all if they are green , wich never happens.
bye bye

I have a dog.She is very cute and it is white.Her name is Queen.

I've got a pet. It's a dog. Her name is LADY. She is black and brown.

I don't have a pet, but I would like to have a parrot. My cousins had 3 parrots once but they flew away. I think the best pets are goldfish, parrot, canary and cats.

My favorite pets are rabbit and goldfish. My rabbit is called Fuzzy and my fishes are called Lily and Rose.

Hi!!! My name is Svyat, i'm from Russia. I've got a pet cavy, its name is Ron.It love to run and jump like a popcorn.He is doing it right now , when I'm writing. He is trying to eat my laptop. I love him very much, because he is very funny!