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What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

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Yes, i like my pencil case.
Red and blue.
I just it my self.
Peper clips, pencils HB, ruller, pen, and rubbers.

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Hi, i am AmuletUnicornNecklace! My pencil case is dark blue and it has Darth Vader's (a character from Star Wars) body on it. I received this pencil case on Christmas morning from Santa Claus. In my pencil case, i have an eraser, a pencil sharpener,a ruler, many colour pencils, a black pencil, two pens, a bottle with glue, a high lighter, a correction pen, geometrical instruments, a scissor. I really like my pencil case!

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My pencil case is rectangle.It is blue and white.I’m chose my pencil case by myseft. Inside, it have a pencil, a ruler,an earser,a pen,a marker,5 hightlighters,a pencil shaper.I clean it up every day.I very love it.

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What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy? I'll give you the answer: 1.My pencil case is pink. There's a "Hello Kitty"'s head on it. 2.I didn't choose my pencil case. I won the English test so I had this pencil case. 3.There's a pencil, two red pens, three erasers and six rulers in my pencil case. 4.I keep my pencil case tidy, I just think so!

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Hi QueenCuteWizard,

Congratulations on winning the English test! Keep learning English :-)

LearnEnglish Kids team
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my pencil case is clean

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on my pencil pouch there are all characters of naruto (anime) it's colour is black as i am student of grade 7 in tokyo, i keep 2 blue ink pens,1 black and 1 blue pointer 1 clutch pencil,1 scale,1 eraser,1 pencil,1 sharpener. in another naruto jumbo pouch i keep colour pencils,coloured pointers. i keep my all two pouch tidy.

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What's your pencil case like?
my pencil case like pouch

What colour is it?
yellow and black

Who chose your pencil case?
my anut brought from srilanka now she is in chennai

What's inside?
A barbiepen ,pencil pilotpen blackpen,rubber sharpner and colourpencil

Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

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In my pencil case I have: two pencils, two pens, a rubber, clips, pegs, scissors, transportator and a pencil sharpener. My pencil case is: purple with a dolly. It's always tidy.

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hi! i have a pink pencil case with a picture of cats . inside it there are pencils,ruler and colors pens it is a very pretty pencil case

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Hi! I am going to share about my pencil case. It was from Smiggle, and it is pink. It is quite big(I would say it looks like a hamburger) and there are lots of stationery in it. There are five pencils, a correction tape, four erasers, a ruler and loads and loads of pens. I like my pencil case as it is so pretty and neat! PS: I forgot to tell you that I bought it with my own money. It was nineteen dollars!

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I have a pen and ruler

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Hello I am I liked the topic. I want to write something about my pencil case. It is black and purple, and rectangle in shape. It is made out of fabric and it is patterned. It opens with zip. I put my pens, pencils, crayons and a rubber as well as a sharpener and small ruler. I used to have a pencil case that was made of plastic but it ripped. As I cannot keep it tidy and clean, I sometimes lose my stuff. My brother Mehmet helps me to find them. In fact, he keeps my crayons but I would like to share my pencils, crayons and other things with my little brother Mehmet. see you next time.

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my pencilcase is heavy!!

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my pencilcase is pink and black.

inside it:

two pencils,three erasers, 2 sharpers, one bouncy ball, coins ,a highlighter,one more highlighter , glue, and scissors.

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My pencil case is pink.Inside my pencil case are pens,markers,pencils.My pencil case buy my mum.

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I like it.....

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Hi.. My pencil case is a plastic and green one. Inside the my pencil case, it has one blue pen, one red pen and one black pen and also one pencil with eraser. Oh yes, it has a ruler and sharpener too. My father brought  it to me for my  birthday. I have stick my school time table inside the box. 

I love my pencil case. I have write my name on the pencil case.

I always try to keep the pencil case tidy, because i like it.

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My pencil case is brown with many colored door keys. I chose it but I gave it to the school . There is a pencil,there are two pens,a red one and black one, one eraser and one ruler. I like very much

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You forgot the sharpener,eraser and glue stick

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MY pencil case is  green ,inside it      1pen 1rubber  1ruler  2pencil  1calculator

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 My pencil case is purple. 

Inside it :

  • One blue pen
  • One red pen
  • One grey pen
  • One black pen
  • One correction pen
  • Two pens
  • One ruber
  • One sharper
  • Two rules
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My pencil case is colour red. It has 6 pockets. My six pencil colours are blue, yellow, green, light green, red and orange.

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My pencil case is pretty its color purple and it has4 pockets .

I choose my pencil case

Inside it 1pencil ,4 colored pens,1blue pen,1sissors,1 glue stick ,1calculator,1 eraser ,1sharpener,notes and goematrical instruments.

i keep it tidy

thats all

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My pencil case is a rectangle shape with a magnet. It is green and black. I got it from one of my friends. it has two sides. one side has five pencils and the other side has four pencils and a sharpener. I keep it clean and tidy all the time.

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My pencil case is purple with pink hearts. It is from Smiggle. It contains a ruler, sharpener, some pencils and a eraser. I like it very much.

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my pencil case is red with a bear on it . stuff in my pencil case : 8 pieces of cardboard  a pair of scisors    
8 markers   1 pen 1 pencil 8 crayons   1 sharpener    1 eraser  1 glue stick  .

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My pencil case is pink and has 2 pockets, it contains crayons, ruler, glue and markers. I love my pencil case.

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My pencil case is purple colour,in my pencil case has  one pen,one pencil,rubber,sharpener,three markers,correction fluid...I chose my pencil case,i try to keep it tidy,but sometimes it is not clean,because i  throw  a  pieces of papier,or sometimes fray pens.

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 my pencil case is black in colour and i  maintain it well

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my pencil case is made of cardboard
the things i put on my pencil case is:
1. one pencil
2.an ereaser
3. and a scissor

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My Pencil Case
I have many pencil cases.But i like the one with a strawberry shortcake print on it.It is a transparent blue and has lots of stationary inside.it contains ....

  • 2 click pencils
  • 1 eraser 
  • 1 sharpener
  • 1 pencil
  • 5 blue pens
  • 2 ink pens
  • 3 ink refills 
  • 1 ink eraser

then i also have another pencil case in which i keep my crayons.

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I have 2 pencil case, one is made of metal and the other one is of plastic with zip
One is of pink and white and the other one is of green and yellow colour.
I selected the pencil case.
I kept following things
1. pens
I keep the pencil case tidy by myself.

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my pencil case is big with picture angry birds ,blue, 2 pencils
i like my pencil case and i keep it .

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 My pencil case has  a picture  of a  monster  eyes .Then  it has spider webs  around  its eyes.There  are 2 rubbes ¨, 2 pancil , 24 color pancil  and  some glue. it is tidy.

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My pencil case  very big that's have three bockate tow very big and one very small

I pote in it

Tow pin  and tow pencil and one eraser and I have 24 watercolor pencil

I pit it in my pag

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Hi everybody

I have a pencil case.It is red colour.It is small and butiful. It is containe two pencil, one eraser,two pen,

one ruler, one sharpner.

I like my pencil case very much and I keep It tidy.

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I Have Yellow Pencil Case.
My Friend  Give Me Pencil Case As A Gift.
I Have Many Things In My Pencil Case.
1- Two Pens.
2- One Pencil. Its Colour Is Orange.
3- Two Eraser.
4- One Sharpner. Its Colour Is Silver.
5- One Ruler.
6- Many Colour Pencils.
7- I Like My Pencil Case Very Much.

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I have a pink pencil case.My mom hepl to chose it.I used to keep an eraser,a pencil,a pen. I like my pencil case very much.