Pencil case


What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

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SportyFairyHoney's picture

My pencil case is purple with pink hearts. It is from Smiggle. It contains a ruler, sharpener, some pencils and a eraser. I like it very much.

RedOtter900's picture

my pencil case is red with a bear on it . stuff in my pencil case : 8 pieces of cardboard  a pair of scisors    
8 markers   1 pen 1 pencil 8 crayons   1 sharpener    1 eraser  1 glue stick  .

NewGem7's picture

My pencil case is pink and has 2 pockets, it contains crayons, ruler, glue and markers. I love my pencil case.

SilverPlayer's picture

My pencil case is purple colour,in my pencil case has  one pen,one pencil,rubber,sharpener,three markers,correction fluid...I chose my pencil case,i try to keep it tidy,but sometimes it is not clean,because i  throw  a  pieces of papier,or sometimes fray pens.

PrincessDinosaurMobile's picture

 my pencil case is black in colour and i  maintain it well

CyclingVolcanoChef's picture

my pencil case is made of cardboard
the things i put on my pencil case is:
1. one pencil ereaser
3. and a scissor

PrincessHarpSwan's picture

My Pencil Case
I have many pencil cases.But i like the one with a strawberry shortcake print on it.It is a transparent blue and has lots of stationary contains ....

  • 2 click pencils
  • 1 eraser 
  • 1 sharpener
  • 1 pencil
  • 5 blue pens
  • 2 ink pens
  • 3 ink refills 
  • 1 ink eraser

then i also have another pencil case in which i keep my crayons.

MissSilverCave's picture

I have 2 pencil case, one is made of metal and the other one is of plastic with zip
One is of pink and white and the other one is of green and yellow colour.
I selected the pencil case.
I kept following things
1. pens
I keep the pencil case tidy by myself.

LordFlyingHorse's picture

my pencil case is big with picture angry birds ,blue, 2 pencils
i like my pencil case and i keep it .

MissSkates70's picture

 My pencil case has  a picture  of a  monster  eyes .Then  it has spider webs  around  its eyes.There  are 2 rubbes ¨, 2 pancil , 24 color pancil  and  some glue. it is tidy.

QueenPlayerDove's picture

My pencil case  very big that's have three bockate tow very big and one very small

I pote in it

Tow pin  and tow pencil and one eraser and I have 24 watercolor pencil

I pit it in my pag

MisterTurquoiseMummy's picture

Hi everybody

I have a pencil case.It is red colour.It is small and butiful. It is containe two pencil, one eraser,two pen,

one ruler, one sharpner.

I like my pencil case very much and I keep It tidy.

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I Have Yellow Pencil Case.
My Friend  Give Me Pencil Case As A Gift.
I Have Many Things In My Pencil Case.
1- Two Pens.
2- One Pencil. Its Colour Is Orange.
3- Two Eraser.
4- One Sharpner. Its Colour Is Silver.
5- One Ruler.
6- Many Colour Pencils.
7- I Like My Pencil Case Very Much.

SwimmingTwilightCastle's picture

I have a pink pencil case.My mom hepl to chose it.I used to keep an eraser,a pencil,a pen. I like my pencil case very much.

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hi, my pencilcase is also pink.My mother help to chose it.I used to keep a pen,pencil,correction tape,staples,eraser and a highlighter.I have a lot of stationary because I am 9 years old. I love my pencil case!

PearlAmuletTabla's picture

my pencil case is very big it is rainbow coloured  I selected it 
I have a big stapler mechine  two pencil a camlin eraser lots of colour pens (blue black red green light blue light green pink purple and orange) an Oxford Cambridge mathematical instrument box  and a tipex
yes i keep my pencil case tidy it also has many keytacks (a wooden elephant   a seashell with my first letter 
a heart shaped one with my name carved in it (from makkah)  a  Dalmation puppy

MissPlayerHarbour's picture

I have a pink pencil box because I love pink!

QueenButtercupRhythm's picture

Making my pencil case perfect is essential in school life!
In elementary school I changed it almost once a week! 
My favorite one has Cinamonroll (a Japanese character) on it.
The one I'm using now is fluffy and it has Lotso's (a character from Toy Story) face on it.
I like this pencil case too, because pink is my favorite color.
In my pencil case, I have at least 15 pens in it.
I also have correction tape and white out in it.
I think I'm very picky about the direction of how you put the pens in,
and some of my classmates think that's funny!


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hello my name is jaynub
nice to meet you everyone

I have pink pencil case my mom give to me
in my birtday
i have two earaser
i have 6 color pens
i have 5pencil
i have mini sticers
i have pencil sharp
i have glue ~~^^

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MY pencil case is pink.MY mother bought it for me.THEY are pen and pencils.

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Hi ! I'm Öykü
My pencil case has got a seehorse picture.
It is dark blue and..
I choose my pencil case.
There are one eraser,nine coloured pencils ,two pencils and a pencil sharpener in my pencil case.
I often keep it tidy.

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Hello! I am MisterT-RexMole, my pencil case is very small. Inside my pencil case there are:

1 - Four pencils

2 - Seven pens

3 - Three rubbers

4 - One scissor

My pencil case is usually tidy.

SilverRaceNight's picture

Hi.My pencil case is blue with stars.
Inside there are:

  1. ten colour pencils
  2. 2 rubbers
  3. 1 ruler
  4. 4 pencils
  5. 2 sharpener
  6. 1 protractor
  7.  1 note book
  8.  3 pens 
  9. calculator

My pencil case very tidy.

ProfessorToeDinosaur's picture

Hello! I am BORA. There is a Sponge Bob picture on my pencil case. It 's  blue and yellow. I choose my pencil case. 

I have

1. five pencils

2. a rubber

3.4  colorful pens
4. my key

5.pencil sharpener

6.1,2,3... color pencils

I usually tidy my pencil case.


DJSwallowRaft's picture

My pencil case  is gray, red and black. It's small but nice. I like to draw on it.
I chose my pencil case myself.
I heve got one pen,pencils and one blue felt-tip pen. It's never clean inside of it.

Have you ever put a bug in your pencil case?

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PrincessLoudSeagull's picture

My pencil case is brown with birds draw in it .
I have 

  • One mechanical pencil with a rubber.
  • One pen.
  • Tipex.
  • And a pencil for someone ( because always is somebody that forgots his pencil).
MagicalPyramidJewel's picture


My pencil case is pink and black. It is medium size and there are flowers on it. It looks like my bag. There are pencils, a rubber, a sharpener, crayons and pens inside. My mother, my father, my sister and I chose my pencil case. I keep it tidy. I like it very much.

GoldJavelinTuesday's picture

my pencil case is purple

GoldJavelinTuesday's picture

I love this learning website

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Hi my pencila case is medium, it's red, it doesn't has pockets. 
I choose by myelf my pencil case. 
Inside I have pen, pencil, eraser, protactor....
Yes, it is always tidy. :-)

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hi, my name is jeera. fist time here to learning english.

MightyClarinet30's picture

 Hi ,
My pencil case is black and white . It is small but beatiful . I chose my pencil case . I always keep my pencil case tidy . My pencil case has pencil , eraser , rule ,and pen . 

DoctorGoblinHarp's picture

my pencil case is pink and white. It is very beautiful and big too. There are some pens, a rubber, two rulers, a sharpener, but there isn't any pencil. I really like it !

PinkFlower90's picture

My pencil case is like a Box. It is rectangle in shape. It is white and yellow colour box. My mother choose the pencil case. Inside my pencil case, there is pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale and crayons. Yes. I keep my pencil case tidy.

AlwaysMouseTeddy's picture

It's pink and a little bit blue. It's like a rectecgle. Inside is apencil, two pens, three rulers and one rubber.

LordRocking500's picture

 my pencil case is sobeautiful.

SilverChinchilla8000's picture

my pencil is yellow,my teacher gave it to me on the first day of school.I put lots of thing in there like my pencils, erasers , pens, coloring pencils and markers.i try to keep it tidy but sometimes i drop it or use the coloring pencils and i mess it up.

MissBrownDrum's picture

My pencile case is purple. I chossed it. Thats lot of things penciles,pens,rubbers...

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Hi! My pencil case is white. I have pencils,an eraser,two pens,a ruller etc.I have many things inside my pencil case.

PinkLeafWeek's picture

A case   is a   stand that we can put pen or pencil.My case's colour is pink colour.

PrettyDiamond10's picture

 My pencil case is purple. It's quite big. I have: scissors, pencil, pen, ruler, rubber in it. It's nice and tidy. I chose it and my mum bought it.

YellowFlower70's picture

 My pencil case is purple , it has pink and blue flowers . I have all my colouring pencils in it ,and my normal pencil. I chose it and my mother bought it for me.

SilverPoloPotato's picture

Hi everybody!

! have a pencil case with to sides, and it has three beautiful girls drawn on it! in my pencil case i have :

1) 3 colorful pens
2) A led pencil
3) 1 pencil
4) an eraser
5) a sharpener
6) a double sharpener
7) a box with 12 color pencils i it
8) sticky notes
9) and 3 packs of led!

That's all!

PrincessExtremeVampire's picture

My pencil-case has the colors of the earth (it's very nature-tastic+eco-friendly) and is made out of cloth... 
But the reason why I chose it (YES! I chose it: me, myself, and I!! =)) lol, was because you know, I just sorta liked it and plus it matched my cloth bag. NOTE: I didn't chose it for it's eco-friendliness, so I'm no eco nerd! I store my:

  • Pencils (one unsharpened, one old and one nowhere to be found (ie: lost)
  • My cool blue and green maped sharpener
  • My crumpled paper and my sticky-notz
  • A ruler
  • Pens in different colors (blue, black, red, purple,pink, green, orange etc)
  • My 'technic' eraser
  • Color pencils
  • My sharpener that does not work (is badly in need of those thingy's to make it a proper sharpener)

And many more stuff!

I'm not showing off, if ure wondering! ;)

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I have a small,but very cute handmade pencil case which is made of jute. It is light brown mix with maroon color. I received it from my neighbor sister.  In my pencil case has 2 pen, a pencil ,a ruler and an eraser. i keep it very tidy.          

BrightEmerald80's picture


My pencil-case is violet, big and whit a picture of Dopey on it. I received it as a gift from my cousin Ilaria. Inside I have many coloured pencils, my pens, some rubbers, a ruler, my scissors and the glue. I keep my pencil-case in extreme order. 


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my pencil case is really pretty it has 5 pockets its really expensive

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I don't have pencil case....