Tell us about an old person who you know well. How old are they? What do you do together?

Your Turn: Old People
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my grandma is 70. I love her very much. She often tells me some Vietnamese stories and I tell her some funny stories.

I love my grandma

i have a granny she is awesome she is 59 years old

I have got a grandma and a grandpa. I go at their house once a month and i live at them all the summer.

I love my grandma and grandpa.

I have a grandma, she is 63 years old.

Hi there ;) Well I know pretty lot of old people. Fristable my grammy and my granny, they are so kind with me and they always buy me something. I often go in their house with my brothers and my cousins. We always made they angry because we are so exited to be together. But finally the forgive us with a big smile. I really like my grandparents!                          Gaia

Hello, i have only one grand ma, she was born in 1933, she has now 81 years old. She tell me a lot of story about when she was young.

I know a lot of old persons. Very well I know my grand-parents. They are about 56-58. I have two grand-mothers and two grand-fathers. They are together because they love each other. :)

hello my grandpa is 61 years old and my grand ma is52 years old and my other grand ma is 61years old  and
my other grand pa is69 yearsold
i like to play with them.