New Year's Eve

Do you celebrate New Year's Eve where you live? What do you do on New Year's Eve? Do you have a special dinner or party? Do you stay awake until midnight? Happy New Year!
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Fireworks at my home

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Hi! New Year is my favourite holiday. We spend it in Tallinn, in Estonia. I like it because we can go to bed in 12 o'clock and we can play in 10 o' clock. Bye!

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I am from denmark and on new year was there a battery the battery fallt and shout the house we run away from the battery

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I eat a delicious dinner... My mom is making it ;^>

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I celebrate my new year and I saves my rabbit this year.
but I like to se the fireworks (and I do it this year too )
from majkensola

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I celebrate New years eve by wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
Happy new year Miss Internet Earth!

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Thanks PurpleSapphireTwilight!
Happy new year to you too and to all of our users.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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Hello! I hope you can enjoy this new year.


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Hi, I am Georgian girl and in my country we celebrate New Year's Eve. We have special dinner with family and we have special Georgian food for this party: gozinaki (nuts and honey), churchkhela, satsivi and khachapuri. We stay awake until midnight. Happy New Year!

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Hello! I am a Finnish girl. I celebrated the New Year at home. I made some New Year`s tins. I threw sticks. I think the fireworks were too noisy, but so beautiful. I drank lemonade and I ate hamburgers with ham. Happy New Year 2015!

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 Hello! I am from Finland. And yes, we celebrate New Year a little. On this year, we went to the Ylläs. No, we do not have a special dinner or party. I am always awake over midnight. Happy New Year to you too!

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I like to do
the fireworke.

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 Hi, I'm Russian. Living in U.S since 19 December last year. So I met new friend there at the night party. We had a lot of tasty meals. It was kinda fun here.

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 I'm from Russia.  We are celebrate New Year's Eve. We always  have a special dinner and party. I love New Year.

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Hello.I'm from Poland.
I really like to celebrate the new year.In Poland at 12.00 at night we drink champagne and watch the fireworks.What's your name?

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Hi? I'm from korea.
my dad cook for my family and stay awake mindnight.
some pepole go to listen to bell where it is in temple.

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 yes i celebarte new year's eve i have a special party do new years countdown make posters and stay awake til midnight !

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 Hi, I'm from Spain. I don't celebrate New Years Eve. 

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Do you celebrate New Year's Eve where you live?      yes, I am
What do you do on New Year's Eve?     
is celebrated and you are awake until midnight and dinner together
Do you have a special dinner or party?          no, I am not
Do you stay awake until midnight?   yes, I am
Happy New Year!  thanks

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Hi, I`m a Finnish girl.
Yes, we celebrate. We have fun, we have some fireworks, do shows and eat hotdogs.
I stay awake until mindnight.

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