How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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Miss Internet Earth plese tell me is thier any story or poem writing compition plese tell me .......................

miss internet earth how can I make my picture icant find how to make my paicture so guide me a little bit and iam from Pakistan i  will be waiting for your reply. 

Hi KingPyramidSand,
To create a picture, go to the home page and click on 'my account' on the right hand side.
Next click the tab 'edit' and scroll down to create your character. Follow the instructions, and when you have finished, don't forget to save.
It may take a few days before you can see your character. Please be patient, and write to us if you can't see it after a week.

I'm sorry but we don't have any competitions at the moment, but you can write your poems in the comment box on this page:
And your stories in the comment box on this page:
I'm sure other members would love to read them.

Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team

Miss Internet Earth I need to read some stories on this website so plese help me and i dont need short stories,I am waiting for your reply.

Hi MissInternetEarth,
How did you make the orange color sentence? Please tell me. =D

Dear Princessfashionrhythm, 

This is ProfessorEmeraldBeach. We make the orange sentence by copying and pasting a URL, which is an address at the top of the page. It shows us that this sentence can take us to another internet page, so it's quite useful for the LearnEnglishKids team to show you where you can find pages. 

Best Wishes, 


Thank you mam.

 My favorite name whit a dog is brisa

Peoples in our country usually have only one surname.My grandfather had a middle name i.e.Mohan. His name was Anand Mohan. My favorite name is Chhavi being it's my younger sister's name and it was chosen by me.I have not any pet animal but if i had a pet, I would like to name it like Tom Or Jerry which is my favorite catoon characters.