Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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in school we speak english and french

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i always speak thai and english at school.
at home i speak thai hindi english chinese a little bit french and a little bit japanese
but i love english at all !!!

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Hi, I speak spanish, english, french, a bit of italian and a bit of chinese. I will teach you some words in that languages (the same words for each):
Hola, ¿cómo estás?
Hi, how are you?
Bounjour, comment ça va?
Ciao, come stai?

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And I can speak a little Japanese

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I speak Chinese and English,

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 I speak Azerbaijanian, Russian and English. I want to learn German and French. I speak Russian at home and at school. I watch cartoons on English. I speak Azerbaijanian when I'm at granny and grandfather.

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in greece we speak greek

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I know Macedonian, Serbian, English and a little bit French and Spain. 
At home I speak Macedonian, and in school and outdoor I seak Serbian.
I usualy read in Serbian, Macedonian and in English.
I watch films in a diferent languages: German, Serbian, Spain, English, Macedonian, Turkish etc.
I'd like to learn more Spain, German and Chinase language :-)

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Tagalog(Philipino) and English

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türkish and english

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 I speak english and spanish

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I Live In Denmark I Speak Danish, English And Urdu!!! <3  <3 :D :D ! <3 :P

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I speak Turkish very good. And, I like English very much. Bye.

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 i speak english but learn french at school

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Hello my name is Tanishqa.I am from India.I am bengoli but i speak hindi and english also means i mostly speak bengoli. in school i speak english.i dream in hindi.i watch hindi and english movies etc.

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i´m colombian, i speak only in spanish, in the school learn english, but i want learn more english =)

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I know German language very well

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 I am bangali I can speak english a lot

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  •  english
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Dear sir,

what is the mean of this "which language do you dream in?"

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Hello RedFlowerOnline,
'Which language do you dream in?' means when you are asleep and dreaming, what language do you or the other people speak?
Sometimes it's difficult to remember your dreams. Do you know which language you dream in?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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Hi,  every one.

I speak spanish , I am from México .

I whatch  T.V.  in spanish  and english.
I dream  in spanish always .
In my  house  all  speaking  spanish .
I speak  english   in my english  class only.

See you soon

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English is perfect and I like them. It's easy and perfect.

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Hi friend.
I am from Emirates. I love learn languages case i can speak to other people from other culture.
I speak Arabic at home and in school i learn English and i can speak English a little.

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My name is Gücüm. I am from Turkey. I am beginner . I am happy

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Hello! My name is Zeynep. I'm from Turkey so I'm Turkish. I live in Karabük.

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 hi! I am from Ukraine. I learn English at school and at home.i can speak Ukrainian, Russian and English.my mother tongue is Russian.

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Hi everybody!

I'm from Australia.
i can speak 3 languages:
Urdu, English and some Arabic.
I mostly speak English all the time like at home, school and somewhere outside! :)

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Hi,I am Vignesh.I am 10 years old.I speak 3 languages

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I am from Turkey and I am Turkish. I am seven years old.
I can speak Turkish and English at home and at school.
Today, I dream in Turkish when I dream.

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i am an indian, so i speak urdu ,english ,hindi, arabic. i mostly speak in urdu and english

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I'm from Greece.

At home we speak greek, english, german, a little french, spanish, russian and italian (I mean we say some words in these languages, we don't know all these languages!!!!) 

At school we learn english and german or french!

I wish I could speak spanish, italian, irish, russian and french!

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I'm talking about the 'Italian.
In school you learn the 'Italian, the' English and French.
In my dreams it usually speaks in Italian

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I speak English, French, Ebira, and Arabic

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i speaking dutch i like english 

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My name is Pantelis my age 11 and i live in Greece.
I can speak greek english german and i know some words in france

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I am from Greece too. I am 9 years old. I learn English. 

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Hi I am WhiteFlute6.

I like languages very much beacuse when I learn languages I now how to speak,write , spel and read.

I love to sing in English and in Arbik too.

I can speak in Arbik,English and in France too.

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Hello , My name is noor , I am Egyptian and I live in UAE speak Arabic and English ,but my mother language is Arabic and  I want to learn  English more to become the best , I watch TV Arabic and English with subtitle and I  wish watch English program and understand with out subtitle

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Hi, I'm 13 years old. I'm from Poland. At home and at school I speak Polish but I like English, too. I read books in English, I leran English at school and also at home. I know in future I can speak English very well. :)
And you? Do you read English books?

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Hi.My name's Phuong Anh. I'm 10 years old . I'm from Vietnam. I live in Vinh city , Nghe An. I like learning English.I like learning English but subjects such as Math, Vietnamese,...alson cannot be ignored.

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Hi, I'm Nguyet. I'm from Vietnam. Almost I  speak Vietnamese, but only when I learn english I use english a lot of. :D

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I am Iria.
I am Spanish.
At home and at school I speak in Spanish and English.
I read in Spanish and in English.
I watch TV in Spanish and in English.
I dream in Spanish.

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hello my name is kayra. ım 10. ı from türkey. ı learn english in turkey.

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Hi,i from Paris (France) so i am french and i speak french and a little bit English !!! I love speak English. And you?
Your love speak English or no !!??

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yes i like speaking English too and can you teach me french too i also speak in dutch too .

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