Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

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I like apple,pear,stawberry,banana.

in the summer.

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Hey I'm Hala

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I like apple and banana

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 I like banana and strawberry

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I love fruit. I don´t have favourite fruit because I like all of them similary. I like very much the watermelon, the apple, the pear, the peach and the cherry. They are delicious! I eat fruit very often: 5 times a day in summer and 3 in winter.

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I like the banana: aplles watermelon I love very mench

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Hello everyone, My name is Dinh. I like fruit very much. My favourite fruit is apple because it has vitamine A,C and E.It is very healthy for me. I eat four pieces of fruit every day. How about you? Do you like apple?

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Hi DrivingSapphireHill,
You're very healthy!
I love apples. Who else likes apples?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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Hi everyone,
It's great to read about the different kinds of fruit you like!
My favourites are cherries and raspberries.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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.My favourite is strawberry and I can eat a lot of fruit

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i like papaw

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Yes,Ilike fruit very much.My favourite is strawberry.I usually eat four pieces of fruit every day.

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I like banana , too

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I like strawberry, banana, apple, pear, orange, mango, watermelon, pineapple, grape, plum, raspberry, peach, cherry all of them

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yes i like fruit, my favorite fruit is apple, i am eating two apple for every day

MissBird700's picture

i like grapes

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I like banana

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I like Jackfruit & banana too! as we have known, banana is good for us brain. I ussually eat tow pieces every day. I can eat a quater of jackfruit.

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I dont like apple!!!!! i like pears!!!!!!! i very hate banana!!!!!!!@.@

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1.Do you like fruit?Yes.
2.What's your favourite fruit?Strawberry
3.How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?
I eating 1 apple

I'm hungryyyyyyy

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I love them all!

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 I like fruits.my favourite fruit is Mango. Mango is very sweet and tasty.I eat 1 fruit every day

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I like apple, pear, golden kiwi.
but I don't like tomatos because it is sour.

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Hi i eat 1 fruit every day sometimes i eat more fruits my farorite fruit is apple

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yes i like fruits my favourite fruit is strawberry,banana,apple and water melon every day i eat 3 pieces of these kinds

PrincessRockBubblegum's picture

 My name Amisha. Iike many fruits.
they are: strawberry

But I MOST of like ORANGE .
I eat 2 oranges for one day.

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I like watermalon very much and i love fruits

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 Hi my name is Omar  I like apple and mango.

I eat  one apple and one mango every day.

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I love fruits.My favourite fruit is cherry and srtawberry. I eat 2 pieces of fruits every day.

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hello everyone
my favourite food is apple
but ı dont like pineapple

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Do you like fruit?
Yes, I like fruit.

What's your favourite fruit?
My favourite fruit is banana.

How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?
I EAT 3 or 4 pieces of fruit every day.


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Hi my name is moni, I like banana. I dont like apple.

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I like bananas

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I  like   apples.apple.Appple.I   eat  five   pieces   of  fruit     a   day

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3.three pieces

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  1. Yes I like       2.apple  is  my   favorite  fruit     3.four   or    five
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I like to eat many fruits,but my favorite fruit  is grapes and papayas,I eat there once a week.

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I like fruits .

My favorite fruit is banana.

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  1. yes,I like.
  2. I like apple.
  3. two piece
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yes I like
I like eat apple
i eat 4pieces

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yes like a apple ,yesday

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I dont know

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 My favorite fruit is orange ~

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 Yes,I like fruits.
My favourite fruit is apple.
I eat apple every day.

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 My name is KITTT I like to eat fruit, fruit of my favorite eating apples a day can eat two

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 I like fruits. My favorite fruit is mango. I eat mango every day.

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I like fruit.
My favourite is apple.
I eat fruit every day.